Tenants / Tired Landlords

Reasons to Sell

Tenants / Tired Landlords

Yes, you can sell your home with tenants! We can help you. Tenants, whether they are a problem or they are great, sometimes it’s just time to sell the home. The most common reason people sell their home is problematic Tenants. Tenants are late on payments, or just giving you a hard time.


We can buy homes with tenants in them, that is no problem for us! We will work with you to assess the situation, and then send you a cash offer, we will deal with the tenants for you. Have liens on property? We can buy your home even with liens!

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Reason for Selling

Things that can happen with tenants that we can help with:


1. Destructive Tenants: Let us deal with them so you can walk away.

2. Constant Repairs: Tenants require constant repairs. They always need something fixed, and as soon as they move out it can become costly to repair the home for the next tenant. Let us take care of this for you!

3. HOA Violations: Unfortunately, tenants don’t take care of the home like a homeowner would. HOA violations can be expensive! Have an HOA lien? We can buy your home with HOA liens!

4. Rising Taxes: Rising taxes eating at your profit from rentals? We can help you escape this, and put a cash offer in your pocket!

5. Declining Neighborhood: Sometimes this can happen. Before it gets worse, let us give you cash and take over it for you.

6. Funds to re-invest: want to reinvest your homes in a better investment? Maybe a more secure investment? We can get you the cash and help you do this!

Selling Your House Can Be A Quick And Simple Process

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